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RR3 Special Interest Group on Through the Gate Mentoring

This RR3 Special Interest Group explores how to provide effective mentoring for men and women coming through the gate. We consider the role and contribution of the voluntary sector in pioneering this approach. We look at the impact of the current commissioning and contracting arrangements and funding on the sector’s ability to deliver effective mentoring. We also look at what is happening to mentoring through the gate, the challenges and barriers to effective delivery and consistent outcomes. The group will look to make recommendations to the sector, the Ministry of Justice and other relevant parties.


The voluntary sector working in criminal justice has a long tradition of providing mentoring support to people coming through the gate from prison to the community. Developing some innovative models, there is much the sector’s approach can offer people at a critical time and much those commissioning services can learn from what’s been tried and tested. 

Changes to how services are commissioned and developed and changes to the funding available for services and future development create a need for the sector to come together to look at the impact of change and the opportunities and challenges they create. 

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9th December 2016

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