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Farmer Review | how can supporting men in prison to engage with their families reduce reoffending?


About the review

Lord Farmer, working in partnership with Clinks, was commissioned to chair an independent review to investigate how supporting men in prison in England and Wales to engage with their families can reduce reoffending and assist in addressing intergenerational crime. This report was published on 10th August 2017 and you can read the statement  and report here.

Clinks statement

The review was carried out by visiting prisons, meeting with men and their families and by issuing a public call for evidence from people and organisations interested in this issue through National Prison Radio and other outlets. It also brought together experts from the prison service, probation service and voluntary sector organisations for a series of roundtable discussions with members of the task group assisting Lord Farmer. The task group is made up of people with lived experience, voluntary sector organisations supporting men in prison and their families, representatives of prison and probation services and Clinks. Anne Fox, Chief Executive Officer of Clinks, is the deputy chair.

Although the review focused mainly on outcomes for the majority male prison population, it also used learning from what works well for women in prison and their families.

Lord Farmer was also asked to review what works to help those men who do not have any family connections, such as those whom were previously in the care system, or have lost contact with family because of going to prison or due to the nature of their offences. 

This review considered evidence of what works well:

  • inside the prison
  • where families and prisoners interact.

This review reported to the Ministry of Justice in January 2017.

Call for evidence

The review's call for evidence received over 1,000 submissions from men in prison, family members of men in prison, voluntary organisations, academics and members of staff in the statutory sector. These informed the final report.

Key dates

  • The call for evidence opened on 28th September.
  • The call for evidence closed on 17th October.
  • The final report was submitted to Ministry of Justice in January 2017.

Task group members

  • Andy Keen-Downs, Chief Executive, Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact)
  • Anne Fox, Chief Executive Officer, Clinks
  • Corin Morgan-Armstrong, Head of Family Interventions - Custody & Community, HMP Parc
  • Craig Georgiou/Ronald Withers, Prison Service Manager, Ministry of Justice
  • Diane Curry, Chief Executive, Partners of Prisoners (POPS)
  • Garry Henry, Engagement Team Leader and Regional Manager, User Voice
  • Ilid Davies, Head of Public Protection (London), National Probation Service