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Voluntary sector co-ordination pilot project

Clinks are working in partnership with EDP Drug & Alcohol Services and Volunteer Centre Dorset and HMP Dartmoor, HMP Exeter and HMP Guys Marsh, to support good engagement between the prisons and the voluntary sector

The project aims to support better co-ordination of voluntary sector provision; enhance prisoner knowledge of and access to voluntary sector support; and develop the strategic role of the voluntary sector in the prisons.

The project runs until October 2017, when there will be a tailored, sustainable model of co-ordination in each prison, which is co-designed with key stakeholders including prisoners. A review of best practice will be conducted and the findings published at the end of the project.

Project contact details:

Valuing volunteering in prison

A project that explored the current state of volunteering in prison, captured the views of service users and collated good volunteering practices. The focus was on how we can increase the amount and scope of prison volunteering across England and Wales. Read more about the project and link to resources here.

Farmer Review

Lord Farmer, working in partnership with Clinks, was commissioned to chair an independent review to investigate how supporting men in prison in England and Wales to engage with their families can reduce reoffending and assist in addressing intergenerational crime. Read more about our work with Lord Farmer here.


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