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Prisons in England and Wales

This map shows the location and type of prisons in England and Wales. Click on the map for more information, including the prison areas and the names of the Executive and Prison Group Directors. Prison addresses can be found on the list under Transforming Rehabilitation below.

Prison map image

Reform and Pathfinder Prisons

Of the 121 prisons, there are currently 14 contracted out of the public sector, 10 female prisons and 87 resettlement prisons. The aim is for all prisoners to spend the last three months of their sentence in their local resettlement prison so that release plans can be properly developed. The Ministry of Justice target is to ensure that at least 80% adult male offenders will be released from these resettlement prisons. 6 prisons are now reform prisons, where the governors have more autonomy in the running of their prisons. 10 are pathfinder prisons, receiving additional resource to tackle violence, self-harm and suicide.


All prisons fall under Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS). Launched in April 2017 it has full responsibility for the operational management of offenders in custody and the community. The organisational structure can be viewed here


Transforming Rehabilitation (TR)

In 2015 the government changes the way in which offenders are managed. Transforming Rehabilitation divided the Probation Service into the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs). The CRCs manage low to medium risk offenders and are responsible for the resettlement service in the Resettlement prisons. Their subcontracted providers are listed here. (Updated April 2017)

Prison & Courts Bill

Changes to the prison system are currently in discussion under the governments Prison and Courts Bill. Read more here. (Updated March 2017)

Prisoner Statistics

These are summarised annually in the Bromley Briefings prison Factfile. Current prison population: c.85,200 (c.3,900 female). (Updated May 2017)