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Add, re-add or edit your Directory entry

Follow these instructions to add, re-add or edit your Directory of Offender Services or Partnership Finder entry. 
1. Log in to the Clinks website
Click here to log-in (right hand side option). 
Note: If you do not know your log in details and the site will not let you reset your password, this is because you have not previously registered on the Clinks website (even though you may receive our emails). In this case, you will need to create a new account (left hand side option).
2. Edit your Directory profile
A pop up window will appear. If your have permission to edit your organisation's entry, an EDIT option will appear on the right hand side of your organisation's name, in the 'operations' column. Select this, and start editing your entry.
You may not have the permission to edit your organisation's entry yet. If this is the case, select the Request permission to edit option. You will then need to wait to receive an email advising that you can edit your organisation's entry. 
Once you have finished making changes to your Directory profile, select save at the bottom of the form.  
If you have any problems editing your organisation's entry, please email: