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Writing a summary of work

When promoting your organisation on either Clinks' Partnership Finder or the Directory of Offender Services, it's important to provide a summary of work that concisely and clearly describes your organisation.

Note: the summary you provide will be the same for both Partnership Finder and the Directory of Offender Services.

The summaries are the first thing that viewers will read when skimming through search results and again when they land on your page. So if you want your organisation to be represented as accurately and effectively as possible then you might want to follow these tips.

- Keep it short. The directories will allow descriptions of up to 1000 characters, however it's not necessary to make your summary this long. Shorter descriptions can be clearer and less daunting to read.

- Keep it simple. Your entry may be read by a range of different audiences, including frontline staff, commissioners, probation staff, prime providers and service users. Bear this in mind and keep the language jargon-free and simple.

- Keep it relevant - Remember the entries are there to provide a snapshot of your organisation so that viewers can easily identify your services. The history of your organisation, for instance, will not usually be relevant. In addition, the directory will primarily be used within a criminal justice context, so even if your organisation works in many other areas, it's best to focus on the work you do with ex/offenders.

- Keep the formatting plain - Unfortunately the directory does not include paragraph or line breaks and so all entries will appear as block text. Bear this in mind when including bullet points and other types of formatting. You will be shown a preview of your entry after you've saved the application, so please check that what you've written looks okay, and edit the entry if it does not.