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Employment for ex offenders


Nacro's Resettlement Advice Service is a national, dedicated, confidential public helpline  that provides free advice, guidance and legal advocacy for people who face barriers in various aspects of their lives due to having a criminal record. A separate, dedicated Employer Advice Service is also available providing free expert advice and operational support for employers and other organisations on managing criminal record matters. Nacro Legal Officers also offer training and consultancy to organisations on understanding relevant legislation, safer recruitment and admissions and undertaking risk assessments.

Unlock's self-help information site, a comprehensive source of online information on a wide range of issues that criminal convictions can affect.

Unlock's Criminal Record Disclosure Calculator is a web tool that can be used to find out when a criminal record becomes spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA). The Disclosure Calculator makes it simple for you to calculate when a clients criminal record becomes ‘spent’ and no longer needs to be disclosed under the ROA (e.g. to employers and insurers), removing the discrimination which acts as a barrier to successful reintegration. 

ESF-Works is the showcase and forum for policy and practice lessons from the 2007-2013 European Social Fund (ESF) programme in England. It is aimed at all professionals working in the areas of employment and skills, regardless of their European funding experience.

European Offender Employment Forum
The Offender Employment Toolkit was created to help people plan, design, deliver, promote and evaluate their own offender employment projects.

Business in The Community
works to improve the ability of ex-offenders to find employment. Not only does it provide individuals with the necessary resources and self-esteem to improve their lives but benefits all sections of society through reduced levels of crime.

Careers Advice from Gov UK
has a section with advice and options for exoffenders looking for education, training and work. You can also find out how criminal records work and what your rights and responsibilities are when looking for work.

The Prisoner's Education Trust
is developing a series of Career Briefings, providing information on distance learning courses available and suggestions on a range of career pathways prisoners may wish to consider on release.


Unlock is an independent award-winning charity which provides information, advice, training and advocacy, dealing with the ongoing effects of criminal convictions. 

Apex Trust
seeks to help people with criminal records to obtain appropriate jobs or self-employment by providing them with the skills they need in the labour market and by working with employers to break down the barriers to their employment.

is one of the UK's leading providers of employment services and employment to people with disabilities and complex barriers to work.   We are passionately committed to providing sustainable work opportunities for those who need it most - making a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities, and realising commercial benefits for everyone we work with.


Recruiting safely and fairly: a practical guide to employing ex-offenders - Together with Nacro, the crime reduction charity, and with the support of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), CIPD have published guidance for employers and other organisations on safe and fair recruitment.

Ex-offenders and employment: - what chance with a criminal record?

Delivering an Improved Employment and Skills Offer to Offenders in the Community