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Less Equal Than Others (Archived)

As over-representation of black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in prisons and the criminal justice system (CJS) increases year-on-year, this report draws attention to understanding and addressing this disproportionality. The report also acts as a reminder of the strength and value of voluntary and community-based organisations that challenge inequalities and provide a powerful network to address change. Such voluntary groups perform a vital function in delivering services and support to those who, already on the margins of society, face further discrimination when they enter the CJS.

The report pulls together information and research from a wide variety of sources. It shows that despite great strides to reduce racial inequalities, individuals from BME groups are over-represented at every stage of the CJS and face multiple layers of discrimination. Voluntary groups have a vital role to play in understanding, inspiring, supporting and providing essential services for BME groups that support those who are in conflict with the law. This report gives several examples of how a thriving voluntary and community sector can make a positive difference.

Published: 2008