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Representation & voice

“Individuals tend to represent their own organisation, and until Clinks came along there was no one representing the Sector. They have competence and they have the confidence of the sector”

Respondent, Clinks' Impact Assessment

Clinks represents the Sector and their service users to decision makers in the CJS. This is fundamental to Clinks and is incorporated in all our work. To ensure diverse representation, our efforts focus on small to medium sized organisations whose voice may otherwise go unheard. Our membership structure allows the smallest organisations to become members of Clinks at no cost.

We also lobby for representation where there are gaps in Sector representation, and support and encourage other organisations to provide representation when this is appropriate.

To ensure we can represent the Sector, we listen to your views through consultations, round table events, our networks, conferences and events. We then communicate this information to key decision makers through informal and formal meetings and written submissions.

If there is an issue on which you would like to make your views known, please contact us. You can find the representatives on identified bodies here. Or if you are not sure who to contact, see our staff list