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Crime and community safety statistical toolkit

We have produced an easy to use toolkit to give you access to local
statistics and information on crime and reoffending, anti social
behaviour, arrests by ethnicity, victims of crime, substance misuse,
violence against women and girls, youth crime and hate crime.

The statistics can be viewed by your local police force area so that you
have the correct information and data about local needs and can make a convincing case to the police and crime commissioners. Access the
statistical toolkit below.

This toolkit was set up by Clinks to enable Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) area networks to access statistical and research evidence to support their "business plans" to provide community safety services as part of the new local Police and Crime Plans. Initially this concerns the Home Office priority areas and is contextualised to reflect the local demographics of the area.

Download here


See also our guide to the Ministry of Justice's Justice Data Lab and Evidence Base links page.