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Take your temperature [July 2013]

'Take your temperature' is an easy-to-use tool to help you to assess organisational strengths and weaknesses in the context of a rapidly changing funding landscape and to flag up areas that require development.

It helps you to pin-point the things you might consider doing to improve your organisation’s health and sustainability, rather
than offer guidance about how to do things. It can also be used to brief any external consultant or support organisation that you
engage to address development priorities.


The health check has been designed especially for Clinks Members and other organisations working in the field of criminal justice. The tool is probably most suited to organisations that have a turnover above £100,000. This implies a governance and management base that is robust enough to be considering development work to diversify income streams and, within that, perhaps thinking about tendering for contracts.

The health check is not aimed at small organisations run entirely by volunteers or having only one or two paid staff. Development support for these types of organisations can be sourced through your local body.


In using the tool, you will be guided to think through various aspects of your organisation’s ‘health’, so you can improve its future sustainability by building on your strengths and clearly
identifying any development needs.

The tool is simple to use – just put a tick in the boxes next to as many statements as apply to you in each section.


Published July 2013