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TR Legal Support Project Resources

These are some resources that may help you if you are considering contracting under the Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

This page currently includes documents and links for:

Subcontracting: A guide to the legal implications

You can find our full guide to the legal implications of subcontracting, and video introductions, here

Q and A's on Subcontracting

This Q and A document covers the key queries on subcontracting.

PDF iconQ and A - TR Legal Implications of Subcontracting.pdf

Subcontracting: a checklist for boards

A checklist of issues that the management team and boards of organisations may want to consider before entering into subcontracting arrangements using the Industry Standard Partnering Agreement (ISPA). 

PDF icontr_checklist_for_boards_updated.pdf

Unit Costing Tool - The TR Contract Cruncher

Rocket Science and ACEVO have developed this free to use tool to help organisations considering subcontracting under TR to work out unit costs, and assess offers from Tier 1 bidders by comparing cashflow projections, payment and performance offers and risk.

Download the TR Contract Cruncher

Model Confidentiality Agreement

When two organisations discuss the possibility of working together, it is normal for each to protect themselves by having a binding confidentiality agreement in place.  Typically, this prevents the disclosure of confidential information, or the poaching of staff.  It may also deal with other sensitive issues such as exclusivity of discussions.  It's important to have a confidentiality agreement in place prior to entering into negotiations.

Russell-Cooke Solicitors have produced the model confidentiality agreement below for the benefit of voluntary sector organisations hoping to be part of TR.  Please ensure you also read the explanatory note if you are considering using the model agreement, as this contains important information on how it should be used.

PDF iconconfidentiality_agreement_-_to_go_with_explanatory_note.pdf

PDF iconconfidentiality_agreement_-_explanatory_note.pdf

Who the Tier 1 providers are

The MoJ announced the award of contracts to successful Tier 1 bidders in December 2014.

List of successful Tier 1 bidders in each area

HR and TUPE information

If you are entering negotiations and need to find out about TUPE, you can watch an introductory video, a recording from our subcontracting workshops, and read the relevant section in the subcontracting guide.

Watch the introductory video here

Wach the subcontracting workshop video here

Read the relevant section in the subcontracting guide