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StreetCraft Scholarships 2016


The StreetCraft Scholarship has been specifically designed to equip practitioners in the justice system with the latest tools and techniques emerging from the field of social innovation to help them build a fairer and more effective justice system.

The origins of the Scholarship came from the Centre for Justice Innvoation's publication, 'Streetcraft: Stories from the frontline of criminal justice innovation', which highlighted the opportunities and pitfalls that practitioners face in developing new services in criminal justice. The StreetCraft Scholarship was created to give practitioners support and advice early on in taking innovation forward.

The Scholarship, designed and delivered in partnership with Centre for Justice Innovation and Young Foundation, has given Scholars practical tools and lessons that have enabled them to turn their flashes of inspiration into meaningful practice. For example, we have helped previous Scholars think through and develop their business models, introduced them to the latest social science techniques to measure impact and helped a number of the Scholars raise money through crowd funding.

StreetCraft Scholarships 2016

Following the success of our inaugural class, we are delighted to be opening up the Scholarship for a second year. The programme is open to creative criminal justice practitioners, who have burning ambition to take an idea and make it reality.

We are offering another four criminal or civil justice practitioners an opportunity to two different types of support, Young Foundation's highly acclaimed Accelerator taking place in Leeds this year, or receive intensive development and technical assistance from experts at Clinks. Both modes of support shall be fully funded by the Centre for Justice Innovation.

Applications are now closed

Find out more about the four successful applicants here