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On this page we link to some Think Tanks relevant to the Criminal Justice System

is a think-tank focused on power and politics. The approach challenges the traditional, 'ivory tower' model of policymaking by giving a voice to people and communities, and involving them closely in their research.

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
Seeks to promote social justice, democratic participation, and economic and environmental sustainability in government policy.

Centre for Social Justice
is an independent think tank established by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004 to seek effective solutions to the poverty that blight parts of Britain. The CSJ highlights the work of profoundly differing and unique small voluntary organisations and charities.

New Philanthropy Capital
is a consultancy and think tank dedicated to helping funders and charities achieve a greater impact.

New Economics Foundation
Features Social Return on Investment (SROI), an analytic tool able to assign a monetary figure to social and environmental value which is created. For example, nef research on the value created by a training programme for ex-offenders revealed that for every £1 invested, £10.50 of social value was created.

is a forum for social and economic thinking. Its aim is to encourage reflection, discussion and debate about the place of the state in the daily lives of men and women across the range of issues which affect them, from employment and tax to education, health and pensions.

Social Market Foundation
is a leading UK think tank, developing innovative ideas across a broad range of economic and social policy. It champions policy ideas which marry markets with social justice and takes a pro-market rather than free-market approach.

Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS)
is a youth-led social policy think-tank that was set up in 2001 to empower and give voice to young people so that they can influence policy and democratically engage in society as equal citizens.

Civitas, Institute for the Study of Civil Society
is an independent think tank that aims to to deepen public understanding of the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free and democratic society possible. In particular, the goal of its studies is a better division of responsibilities between government and civil society.

Policy Exchange
is an independent, non-partisan educational charity. They work with academics and policy makers from across the political spectrum. They are particularly interested in free market and localist solutions to public policy questions.

Fabien Society
is the Labour Party think-tank that aims to explore the political ideas and the policy reforms which will define progressive politics in the new century.

Centre for Policy Studies
is a Conservative think-tank that develops and publishes public policy proposals and arranges seminars and lectures on topical policy issues.

is the Liberal Democrat think tank seeking to develop evidence based policy solutions to the problems facing Britain. Their research reflects liberal aims and values.

The Adam Smith Institute
engineers policies to increase Britain’s economic competitiveness, inject choice into public services, and create a freer, more prosperous society

The Institute for Citizenship 
is an independent charity that engages and promotes democratic citizenship and citizenship life skills.

The New Policy Institute
is an independent, progressive think tank, founded in 1996. They use the main official datasets to cover everything from income, employment and social security to housing, education and crime.

is an independent, charitable, non-party think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity. Their aim is to produce research of outstanding quality on the core issues of the economy, health, education and law and order on the right balance between government and individual; and to communicate it to politicians and opinion formers in all parties and none in order to create a consensus for reform.

The Social Affairs Unit
addresses social, economic and cultural issues with an emphasis on the value of personal responsibility. They research, challenge and debate issues from welfare to warfare, always seeking to draw out the role of the individual's obligations.

Institute of Race Relations (IRR)
is an anti-racist think tank that researches and analyses to inform the struggle for racial justice in Britain, Europe and internationally. It seeks to reflect the experiences of those who suffer racial oppression and draws its perspectives from the most vulnerable in society.

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER)
based at the University of Warwick is the major academic body in the UK for the research and teaching of aspects of race, migration and ethnic relations.

is an independent think-tank, campaigning for new and liberal solutions to the problems facing British and European society.

New Local Government Network (NLGN)
is an independent think tank committed to promoting the decentralisation of power, public service reform, enhancing local governance and empowering communities.

are a multi-disciplinary, non party-political research organisation, which combines cutting-edge analysis with practical impact to create bold solutions to enduring social and economic problems.

is an independent think-tank dedicated to issues related to local government and localism.