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Involving volunteers in criminal justice

From time to time Clinks produces case studies that promote and support good practice in VCS work with volunteers. The case studies on this page describe organisations who use volunteers successfully. We have chosen to focus particularly on how they recruit and retain volunteers.

In 2013 we interviewed three organisations that work with older prisoners. They are:

  • Restore Support Network
  • The Footprints Project
  • Kainos Community

Download the 2013 case studies here

In 2012, we interviwed four organisations that work with BAME and women offenders. They are:

  • Nilaari (a drug rehabilitation agency working in Bristol)
  • Signpost & Rite Direkshon (which runs education programmes in HMPYOI Ashfield)
  • The Evolve Project at WomenCentre Calderdale & Kirklees (which provides holistic support packages to women offenders and women at risk of offending)
  • Women MATTA (which provides an intensive, holistic support service to women at risk of offending, women at risk of receiving custodial sentences and women who are released from custody after a sentence of less than 6 months)

Download the 2012 case studies here.

The main purpose of these case studies is to showcase the good practice rather than to offer comprehensive guidance on starting and managing a volunteering programme. Much more detailed advice can be found in the Clinks Volunteering Guides, available by clicking here.