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was brought together by a group of trusts, foundations and voluntary sector organisations building on work started with Baroness Corston’s 2007 report into women in the Criminal Justice System.

Women's Breakout
is the representative body for a national network of women-centered services offering effective gender specific community alternatives to custody.

The Griffins Society
researches and promotes effective practice in working with women who are in prison or subject to criminal justice interventions in the community.

The Fawcett Society
campaigns for equality between women and men in the UK on pay, pensions, poverty, justice and politics.

Women in Prison
provide education, training and practical support to women who are, or have been, in prison.

Corston Independent Funders' Coalition
is a group of 21 charitable trusts, foundations and individual philanthropists, set up  to sustain a shift from imprisonment to community sentencing for vulnerable women offenders, through advocacy, funding and critical partnership with charities and government.


Women's Information Network
is an online resource provided by the Griffins Society featuring resources and publications to empower and support women affected by the Criminal Justice System.

SmartJustice for Women
campaigned for more alternatives to prison and community projects that tackle the causes of women´s offending.


Women's Signposting paper
provides an overview of the key players working with or for women offenders.

Public perception of women offenders
is a research report that finds most members of the public do not agree with sending women to prison for non-violent offences.

Corston report